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Amateur Radio Update for November 2010

These are a few items of interest for Ham Radio operators that I picked up this week. Some of which you may or may not already be familiar with.

The ARRL HF Phone Sweepstakes contest is coming up quickly from November 20th – 22nd. The objective is for US & Canadian hams to make as many contacts on the HF bands as possible.

The annual SKYWARN Recognition Day is set for December 4th, 2010. I participated in it via EchoLink last year and received a nice QSL card.

I just learned of the HamTwits Net this week by way of the #HamTwitNet hash tag from someone I am following on Twitter. It’s a relatively new net, this was the 4th meeting ever, and is for Hams on the social network Twitter to get to know each other. They meet on the W5RAW-R node every Wednesday at 7pm CST. There was a new high of 19 check-ins this week!

There was lots of talk on the HamTwitNet about contacting the ISS. You can receive on 145.800Mhz and transmit on 144.490Mhz when there is an acceptable pass over your location. Be sure to check the schedule to know if VOICE access will be available.

That’s it for now folks. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!